Monday, 12 January 2015

What is the difference between Chilly Fries and Cheese Fries

Chilly Fries
Chilly fries and cheese fries are the most stunning snack varieties that you can order with friends when you visit the best bar to watch sports in Singapore. These snack variants would also be the best starter dishes to include in the menu when you host a bar wedding Singapore. Chilly fries and cheese fries are quite different from one another. The choice of ingredients in preparing the dish and the overall flavor you get to enjoy are vastly different.

To prepare cheese fries you need a pack of French fries, 2tbsp butter, 2tbsp wheat flour, 2cups milk, and 2 cups cheddar cheese. Bake the fries in an oven first. Take a cooking pot, add the butter, and place it over medium flame. Once the butter melts, add the wheat flour and stir it well. Keep stirring even after it is thoroughly mixed. Continue cooking for 2 minutes. Now add the milk to the pot and whisk the contents for a couple of minutes. Stir the milk and then take add the cheese in a wooden spatula. Keep stirring till the cheese melts. You can also add a small amount of ketchup to this combination if you love a tangy flavor. Now pour this over the fries to enjoy the cheese fries.

Chili fries are quite different from cheese fries. The ingredients used are French fries, 1pound ground beef, 1ounce chili sauce, 1cup water, 1tsp tomato sauce, 1tsp yellow mustard, 1tsp onion powder, and 2 cheese slices. The French fries are to be baked in the oven separately and kept aside. Now take a large pot to cook the beef. Keep stirring until the beef is finely ground and then add the water, onion powder, yellow mustard, chili sauce, and tomato sauce. Allow the water to boil and then add the cheese. Allow it to simmer for an hour. Now mix it along with the fries and enjoy as a delectable evening snack.

You will be able to order both these dishes at the pubs and bars when you set out to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore. These dishes serve as entrée delicacies and also as the most scrumptious appetizers

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