Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What’s the secret to SUPER JUICY Grilled Chicken Pesto Linguine?

Grilled Chicken
Some of the dishes that you order in the best bars in Singapore or the elegant restaurants would stay in your mind for long. The Grilled Chicken Pesto Linguine which is extremely succulent and tasty is one such dish that is served at the top restaurants in Singapore. The combination of pesto added on to carefully cooked chicken provides a dish that taste quite different from the normal dishes.

The best variety of this delicacy is super juicy and it is so because of the addition of cheese and the careful mixing of the pesto. To make the dish extremely slushy, the pesto is laid in a bowl and mixed well first. It is grounded and made into a paste and then moved to a flat plate to blend the flavor well with the chicken. The chicken breast pieces that are chopped into small pieces are kept on a layer of pesto which is mixed with salt and pepper. Now on top of the chicken pieces another layer of pesto is added. The chicken is hence soaked totally with pesto and it is spread well to reach all corners. This combination is to be covered with an aluminum foil before placing in the microwave. You should leave it inside only till the chicken is barely cooked. If you overheat and fry the chicken, it will not taste good. Now you have to add plenty of cheese to the combination and grill it until it is perfectly cooked. This is the exact same dish that you would order at the popular bars in Singapore along with your favorite drinks.

This is also a dish that can be used during special occasions. You can cook this at home and serve it to your friends and relatives when you invite them over for a get-together. It will be an ideal specialty dish to celebrate the birthday of your special friend. You can serve it during corporate events to impress your guests. The dish is yummy and extremely juicy and it is mainly because of the use of sauces, cheese and most importantly the pesto. 

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