Friday, 17 October 2014

Places in Singapore to enjoy with friends

Best Bars In Singapore
When you visit Singapore for business or leisure, you should look for means to have maximum fun. The country has plenty of amazing entertainment facilities which will keep people of all age groups happy. Here are some of the best things in the country that you can do with your friends to have maximum fun.

Quayside Isle

If you want to spend some time in the best swimming pools in the country, or go jogging through the track full of golden retrievers, or even choose the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore that is away from the city centre, Quayside Isle is the place. When you visit this place with your friends, you will be able to get back to your teenage memories and have maximum fun. The place is packed with entertainment options and the neighborhood will remind you of popular television soaps in the western countries.

Forest Adventure

There is no better thing to do with friends than enjoying the most intoxicating drinks at the best bars in Singapore or going on adventure trips to the beautiful forests. With tree climbing, obstacle crossings and free falls the forest adventure in the country is a fun activity to do with friends.

Pulau Ubin

This is a place that is away from the busy nature of Singapore. Very few people live in this small island which is located towards the east of the country. You will be able to spend a lot of fun time with your friends in this beautiful place. You will be able to engage in group activities and enjoy your share of privacy without worrying about irritating onlookers. You can sing, dance, make merry in the uninhabited parts of the island and camp during the day hours. You can rent out a bicycle for extremely cheap rates to enjoy your stay in the island.

Flea shopping

Shopping with friends is always fun. When you visit the flea markets in the country with your friends, you will be able to double the fun because of the amazing options available. MAAD Pyjamas, SCAPE bazaar and Zouk’s Flea are the 3 best flea markets in the country. Choose the one that is open according to your travel dates and visit the place with your friends. You will come across plenty of impeccable products at stunning rates. You will love the experience of walking down the flea markets looking at the numerous products on display. Even if you do not buy anything the experience alone is inestimable.

Indoor games

There are plenty of places in the country where you can enjoy indoor games with friends. Board games, strategic video games, snooker, pool and many other games are available at the indoor entertainment zones in the country. You will be able to have a lot of fun playing these games because of the excellent facilities provided at these game clubs in the country. Some of the bars in Singapore provide the facility of a private room for groups in order to enjoy board games. Engaging in these games sipping your favorite drinks is something that will make you and your friends happy for sure.

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