Friday, 11 April 2014

How to enjoy your Singapore trip to the fullest

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In order to enjoy your trip to Singapore in the best possible way, you need to set your plans right. The country attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world mainly because of the excellent infrastructure, amazing food options and the great entertainment options available. If you set off to the country without devising a good plan, you might not be able to enjoy the country to the fullest. I had once made the mistake of setting off to Singapore with friends without planning out the trip properly. I did not face any difficulties because the country is tourist-friendly but during my second trip which was a well organized one, I realized the difference. I am writing this blog to help all my readers who are planning to visit Singapore soon. Here are some of the most important factors that you should take into consideration before you pack your bags and board the flight.

Time of visit

The climate of the country remains similar all through the year. It is generally hot and humid and might rain occasionally. May and June are the hottest months. If you want to enjoy a lot of time outdoors, it is better to avoid the months November to January because long showers are common during this period. If you want to enjoy Singapore at its best, you should visit the country during the May-July period. The shopping festivals of the country takes place during these months and the country will be all lit-up to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Places to visit

There are plenty of amusement parks in the country where you can spend a wonderful time with your family. The chill out bars in Singapore provides all the fun required during the evening hours when you visit with your friends. To enjoy Singapore nightlife bars are the best option. Most of the bars are open till the early morning hours and you will be able to have a gala time with your friends especially during the weekends. You should make a list of places that you would like to visit in the country and the time duration that you would like to spare at each place. This will help you to enjoy your time in the best manner possible.
Chill out bars in Singapore
Food and stay

You should book your accommodation well in advance. Since plenty of tourists visit the country, you might not be able to find a descent place easily if you search for a place upon arrival. There are many travel portals that can help you with the hotel bookings but it is always better to call up the hotels listed before making the payments to make sure you are enjoying the best rates. Since there are plenty of restaurants and bars in Singapore, you will not have to worry about the food and drinks. However, you can note down the most popular names after checking with your friends who have been to the country earlier so that you will be able to enjoy the best food.

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