Friday, 24 May 2013

Where do you chill out in Singapore?

Chill out bars in SingaporeSingapore is one of the best places to visit as a tourist. The area does not only have very great sites to visit but it also has some of the most unique chill out joints. This beautiful place in the south-eastern part of Asia is one of the most common tourist destinations. After a long day of sightseeing, you obviously need a place to chill out with your friends. There are many chill out bars in Singapore that you can just go and relax. Whether you are in the company of people or you are on your own you can be sure to have a very good time in the bar. This is due to the very great music and people that you are going to meet. These taverns also have great refreshments.

One such chill out bar with great refreshments is Restrobar in Red Dot Traffic. If you have never tried out this bar then you are certainly missing out. This is among one of the many whisky bars in Singapore that will have you drinking some of the greatest tasting whisky. Here they have the premium whisky as well as different whisky cocktails. What makes the bar so unique when it comes to whisky is that the whisky is served and cocktail mixed by some of the best bartenders worldwide. We also have the loof which is a roof top bar and one of the many great Friday chill out restaurants in Singapore. This bar is located along bridge road just opposite the raffles hotel.

Blue Jaz bar is also very good for a chill out with a couple of your friends. This bar has very fine spirits and great entertainment that will only leave you craving for more. The bar has also been recognized as one of the best whisky bars because of the great tasking whisky they have to offer. There is also the No.5 which is very famous for great entertainment and whisky. The environment within the bar is also very serene with great seats for comfort while watching the sports.
Whisky bars in Singapore
There is no way you can ever miss a place to just hang out with your friends while in Singapore. So the next time you are looking for a chill out joint you can try out one of these places. The best part about these joints is that even if you do not have anybody to go out with you can always make new friends while at these bars because the people here are very hospitable and accommodative.

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