Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Top 3 Favorite Meeting Places Of Corporatists in Singapore

Singapore is turning out to be a hub for the corporate world. Be it telecommunication, food, drink & tobacco, banking, conglomerates, or financials, almost every sector is at its peak in Singapore. There are several top companies in Singapore like SingTel, Wilmar International, DBS Group, Keppel, and CapitaLand, which have several employees working under them. Singapore is center of numerous companies and thus, it is one of the essential cities for the corporatists. All the corporatists out here work to make their company reach to the top and sustain position in the competitive industry. For this, they do loads of hard work, but working is not just the only aim of the employees. The corporatists in Singapore, in a way have found out the destinations to conduct meeting is formal yet casual manner. Let us look at those destinations that are adding relief to the hectic life of the professionals.

1.    Singapore Bars:

The bars Singapore have become one of the favorite places of the corporate people to hold business meetings. It might seem strange, but there are certain bars in Singapore, which have special arrangements for the corporate people. Such chill out bars in Singapore have completely changed the relations between the clients and company. Attending meetings at such places not at all means any compromise with the professional attitude & behavior. 

Such places have special sections to hold business meetings, where the ambience is created with skillfully; it is professional yet lively. Everything from the crockery, music, walls, designs, upholstery, to the food and wine is there to match the standards of the professional people. The service of the attendants is also simply up to the mark.

During the time of Summer Olympics 2012 and T20 Cricket world cup 2012, it has been noticed that there was a huge footfall at the bars of corporate people. As per a corporatist, “Holding a business meeting in the sports bar is beneficial from many aspects. Simply search for a best bar to watch sports in Singapore and take your business delegates there. Enjoying match while sharing drinks with a touch of professionalism can add to the healthy relations.”

2.    Elite hotels in Singapore:

After the bars, the second most visited place for holding business meeting in Singapore are elite hotels in Singapore. There are certain specific conference rooms in various hotels, which provide perfect ambience for conducting meetings. Be it a meeting between two people or bunch of people, such hotels are ideal to conduct meetings with foreign delegates and important clients. The completely disciplined environment with all the required amenities, these conference halls have become another favorite destination of the business people to conduct meetings.

Several 5, 4, and 3 star hotels in Singapore offer special arrangements for the business people to conduct meetings. In fact, they offer car pick & drop services to airports for special clients, which is one of the highlighting parts of arranging meetings at these place.

Several corporate events are also organized at these places. In a recent past, several organizations have conducted corporate events at these conference halls for holding team building activities. To perform the event, the ambience and the aura that is here is simply perfect.

3.    Meeting rooms

The concept of meeting rooms although exists from years, but it has faced a great boost in recent past. From over half a decade, the professional meeting rooms at various prime locations in Singapore are been booked to a great extent. These meeting rooms have been developed by the experts and designed in such a manner that all the requirements of the corporatists can be met. Those organizations, which do not have much arrangement to conduct a meeting on a large scale, go for this option. These are booked on daily, weekly, and monthly basis as per the requirements

Every meeting has a different purpose and all the three top most visited places to conduct meetings offer different ambiance as well. All these places in Singapore are daily visited by the corporatists. Being compliant with all the necessary things, these places are simply ideal and deserve to be on the top 3 position.


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